Job Shadow/Clinical Rotation Request Form

UPMC Western Maryland proudly supports students completing healthcare academic programs through clinical rotations as well as individuals seeking additional information about healthcare careers by offering job shadowing opportunities.

To be considered for either a clinical rotation or a job shadowing opportunity, interested individuals will need to complete the Job Shadow/Clinical Rotation request form.

After completing the request form, you will be notified by WMHS regarding the status of your request.

Job Shadowing opportunities can be no more than a total of 8 hours.

If approved for either a clinical rotation or a job shadowing opportunity, you will need to provide the following information before you will be able to start:

*Those interested in job shadowing must be at least 18 years old.
**Shadowing is not available in Behavioral Health, Labor & Delivery, or Obstetric units.

For Clinical Rotations
We strongly encourage students to apply ASAP, preferably 6-9 months in advance. We have established priorities for who and how many requests we can fulfill at one time. For example, we strive to meet requests from our employees and our local colleges/university first. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your request and you will be notified in a timely manner with our decision.

Job Shadow/Clinical Rotation Request Form

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